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Our digital timer is a great way to manage your access control. The timer can be installed on any access control devices such as keypads, pushbuttons, GSM or remotes. This can engage/disengage the devices at any chosen time or day. We can also put a timer on the gate open/close input to open or close the gates at specific times and days.

If ordered with a new kit, the Timer will be installed and wired to control your requested equipment.


* You can use the timer to turn on/off any electrical device at the preset timer

* 16 on/off programs per day, 15 combinations per week.

* Programmable 24/7.

* Built-in battery to back up memory in case of power outage (save your program settings)

* Repeat program has 16 on/off settings, and manually set on/off

* Easy to read LCD display with LED indicator

* Allowable ambient temperature: -10°C to 55°C

* Type C output, normally open, normally closed, universal, 1/4 quick connect

* Contact rating: resistance 16A, inductance 8A, motor 1/2HP


Input voltage: 12VDC/AC

Output: 16amp, SPST @ 250Vac, Volts out.

Use: Programmable 24/7

Daily: 16 on/off programs

Programming combination: 15 groups

Power supply: 12 VDC 50/60Hz

Load: 16A

Battery: 1.2V/40mAh

12/24 hour clock: yes