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Safety Beam Sensors

Safety Beam Sensors

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We recommended safety beams are installed on all automatic gates to reduce the likelihood of accidental contact with vehicles.

Easy to install on either double or single gates, our safety beams can be directly wired or for projects where running power wires across the driveway isn't possible, can have the transmitter running off 2 Lithium AA batteries.

Simple to align, extremely reliable and boasts an operating range of up to 12m. It can be used on gates, garage doors, and even for simple perimeter protection.

  • Adjustable wide infrared beam makes for supremely easy beam alignment – no more battling onsite.
  • Highly cost-effective detection solution.
  • Easy commissioning thanks to audible indicators.
  • 12 metre range – suitable for even the widest of entrances.
  • Wide input voltage range.

1.Working voltage: Receiver: 12~24VAC/DC Emitter:  2*1.5V, LR6 AA battery
2.Working current: Receiver(24VDC): ≤40mA  Emitter(2*1.5V, LR6 AA battery): ≤0.2mA
3.Photocell wavelength: 940nm
4.Angle of opposite emission: ≤±5º
5.Receiver range: ≥12m
6.Working temperature: -20º~+60ºC
7.Relay contact loading capacity: 1A/30VDC
8.Waterproof grade: IP54
9.Size: 100*55*31mm